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Welcome to PL2L Internet based Estate Agent which is fast becoming renowned for its integrity and discretion

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 Code of Practice 


                                        BUY      RENT      DEVELOPMENT     MANAGEMENTThere is little chance of a quick return to a housing boom despite the possibility of UK prices rising over the course of the year, surveyors say.

Code of Practice


About us

PL2L is a specialist company for clients who needs a complete service who they can rely on not for today but the rest of their life.

The purpose of this code of practice

We hope this code helps you:                        access details of our services and products;

               understand what you can expect from us after you’ve  registered for PL2L service’s

                   find out how to contact us for your own personal pa.

How to contact us

1. Contacting us online

The best way of contacting us is to do so online. The contact us links lead to specially designed email online services. These collect the information we need to deal with your enquiry quickly.


2. Other ways to contact us

·                             Main line contact ( 0208 677 9999 )   ·                             Sales Email:      ·                             Complaints:

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Our service philosophy

We’re dedicated to being the base from which we can manage your lifestyle and explore your future lifestyle.

We hope to put ‘the world at your fingertips’ by making PL2L services help you access, use and manage your activities.

We want your PL2L services and experience to be rewarding, productive and successful.

To help achieve this, we aim to provide you with:

                   a range of access packages, tools and services to help you make the most of youre lifestyle

                       a service that’s simple to use, all the time through your pa

           your pa is trained in discussing all the opportunities available and will be looking for your feedback.

We care about the quality of service you receive and we want to help you make the most of it.

Our range of services

We offer a wide range of PL2L packages and payment options for business customers.

Customer service

Our service is used differently by a very colorful range of clients. We research how our customers use our service’s. Our pa teams are on hand 24 hours a day to help you get the most out of our service.
We value your opinion on whether you feel you're getting value for your money from PL2L.


Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we regularly talk to a sample of our customers – we learn from you how to keep improving PL2L service’s.

We aim to offer you an inspirational service without any hassle. We hope you find the potential of PL2L services as exciting as we do.


Quality of service

PL2L is Connected to a large internet server that’s connected to the World Wide Web usage speed may vary depending on how many people are online. We do our best to give you an excellent quality of service at all times.

Here are some points on service reliability.

  Our service (access, email and hosting) is designed to be available 24 hours a day, every day.   

       The main service capabilities (including email) have been designed with extra components to reduce the risk of a single equipment failure causing a total loss of service

 All planned maintenance and incremental backup service upgrades are scheduled for completion outside normal business hours

 We don’t offer any service level guarantees, and under our terms of service we aren’t liable for indirect or resulting losses.


Registering for PL2L service’s

You can sign up online for PL2L services and products, you're agreeing to receive service’s immediately. If you require one of our pa to meet you immediatly please state the reason why and our customer service dept will look into your registration details.

To find out more about what we’re committed to providing you email our customers services

Communicating with you

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to at any time by using your pa by direct mobile line or email, and during most days. All our contact details are published on our website.

We have to tell you about any changes that affect the terms and conditions of our service, giving you 14 days’ notice of any changes.

Here are our current Terms & conditions:

 PL2L Terms & Conditions

We'll also keep you up to date with more routine service changes that don't affect our Terms & Conditions of service.

We send all our service communications to your main email address - the address you chose when you signed up for the service (for example, If you use a different address, we strongly advise that you regularly check your main email address for any important information received from your pa or from our customer services.


Receiving marketing and other information

Apart from communicating with you about matters that affect you as a member, we also give you the opportunity to receive other information, including any new PL2L products and special offers.

What we’re doing to be socially responsible

We want your use of our service to be an enjoyable experience.

What we’re doing for people with special needs

We want customers with special needs to be able to access all our online communications as easily as possible.

PL2L will advising older or disabled customers how to make the most of today's communication services.

We value your feedback

You are important to us and we value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or questions about this code of practice, please email us.

Cancelling PL2L Service’s

Your PL2L service can be cancelled by either party (you or us) giving the other party 28 days notice. To find out more about cancelling the service (including exceptions to the above notice period), please see our Terms & Conditions

In both cases a 12-month contract applies, so charges for the rest of this contract period apply if you cancel your service after PL2L has activated it.

We may cancel your service if you break any of our guildlines.


PL2L will not be responsible to sort out any complicated problems, such as those involving hardware or network problems, but we can pass them to a specialist internet company which is chargeable. We’ll tell you when we expect to have a full response, and agree a follow-up time and method.
specialist internet company can support you by phone, email, and in certain circumstances, by an engineer visiting your premises.


We'll send you an invoice every month Your payment will be collected by visa or master card.


Disconnections and cancelling the service

We can suspend or cancel your service at any time - for example, if you do not pay your bill. To find out more about the methods we use to disconnect or suspend customers' accounts and the reasons why we do this, please see our Terms & Conditions


If you want to make a complaint about your pa or our service, we can deal with it quicker if you send it to us online.


Sorting out disagreements

If you've gone through our complaints procedure and we're still not able to help you, an independent 'dispute resolution' process may be available. This is managed by the Office of the Ombudsman ombudsman

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