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     There is little chance of a quick return to a housing boom despite the possibility of UK prices rising over the course of the year, surveyors say.




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PL2L's experience in the property industry is professional, efficient and enjoyable - as our consistently high levels of customer satisfaction clearly show. Our dedicated Customer Lettings Managers are allocated for each part of the customer journey, so that the customer always has an expert to talk to.


NEW   MAYFAIR       View Property Details 

CORNWALL MEWS       View Property Details

NEW 16 TRANQUIL VALE       View Property Details

NEW  TREBOVIR ROAD       View Property Details


NEW HORSEFERRY ROAD        View Property Details

NEW 6 9 CEDARS MEW       View Property Details

NEW GLENELDON ROAD       View Property Details

NEW  Berkeley Square        View Property Details


 HARCOURT TERRACE       View Property Details

NEW KNIGHTBRIDGE       View Property Details

NEW MAYFAIR        View Property Details

 New BUCKINGHAM GATE       View Property Details



NEW HOLLAND ROAD        View Property Details


NEW  LINDEN GARDENS        View Property Details

NEW MAYFAIR          View Property Details

NEW  South Kensington        View Property Details


NEW  Argyll St W8       View Property Details

NEW  Palace Gate        View Property Details

NEW  Lombard Lane       View Property Details

NEW Palace Street SW1       View Property Details


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