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                                   HOME     BUY      RENT      DEVELOPMENT     MANAGEMENTThere is little chance of a quick return to a housing boom despite the possibility of UK prices rising over the course of the year, surveyors say.





Welcome to PL2L Sale Services



Why Should you use PL2L to sell your Home?

At PL2L we know what makes a home. The comfort it will provide.

The memories it will hold. We try to see beyond the bricks and mortar to help you find somewhere thatís, well, home.


Selling Your Property with PL2L
Our focus is to provide exceptional service and to deliver results beyond expectations to our clients.

This success has been achieved through our ability to market our properties to the widest possible audience via our global network, embrace innovative advertising and marketing approaches and secure extensive online coverage.

The knowledge and personal service of a local agent, with the prestige and reach of an international name Ė itís no wonder that time and again we sell properties for exceptional prices.


Buying Property

If you are interested in buying property, our experienced agents can help you find exactly what youíre looking for.

With thousands of properties to choose from and a range of dedicated property services including property finance, valuation, insurance and interior solutions, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

We are fast becoming known for challenging every aspect of our industry since we started in  2004.

We pride ourselves on getting you the best possible price, in the shortest possible time.


Arrange a valuation call Free Phone: -44 (0) 800 232 1060 to find out how much your property is worth




    Magnet for buyers                                                                                      Accurate valuation

    PL2L is one of London's most fast moving recognisable                       We complete thousands of valuations every week, giving brands attracting thousands of buyers every month.                         us intimate knowledge of property prices in your area. 

    In addition, our technology allows us to market your property             Our valuations take all local benefits into account,            to buyers across our entire  network of home negotiators.                  whether your property is surrounded by the best parks,                                                                                                      restaurants, schools or transport links.

                                                                                                  To Arrange a valuation call -44 (0) 800 232 1060




  1. Longer hours for you

    Be cause 90% of our team works from home our opening hours are essential to maximise viewing opportunities for your property - in fact over 40% of our viewings are carried out after work and at weekends. Accompanied viewings also mean we can use our expertise to help let your property.


  2. Professional photography

    Presentation and timing are everything. Our specialist 'Protographers' are trained to take professional photographs and 360į tours, produce floorplans and write comprehensive property descriptions, all in just one visit.



    Comprehensive marketing

    Known for our comprehensive marketing, we spend millions of pounds every year ensuring that our clients' properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media, including: key property titles, our monthly Area magazines, email marketing, SMS, PR and of course online.



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