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                                   HOME     BUY      RENT      DEVELOPMENT     MANAGEMENTThere is little chance of a quick return to a housing boom despite the possibility of UK prices rising over the course of the year, surveyors say.







Why Work with PL2L to sell your Home?

Our two main director's

Mr C.D.McGhie                                                                                                                                                               Company Managing Director (PL2L)

Mr McGhie has vast years of experience in the property industry, he was part owner of 6 Offices in Central London, he has also completed more than one major development in the Kensington and Chelsea area's in which he purchased and sold on with his middle eastern partners, over the past 5 years he has been actively reviewing his portfolio and looking at the right time to re enter the property market, He now feel 2012 is the right time and see's there is a new trend in the market place for UK & Oversea's Buyers who is looking to invest and buy.

Mr McGhie travels all around the world on other different business deal's, most of the time some of his clients are looking to invest in the UK property market, the most knowledgeable people in property knows that London will always be the best place to invest with a high return.



Miss A Maynard

Company Director (PL2L)

Miss Maynard has been quietly looking at the property industry for a number of year's on how it's designed  to help Major Known Properties Buyers and Sellers who feel that the properties they are reviewing could do with a better vetting service when it comes to reviewing real property paper work  for both parties.

Her experience come from one of the US Biggest Law Firms office based in the city of London.


PL2L has various years of experienced negotiators that work's from home in the London Area. 


Our unique position in the property industry enables us to operate on many levels and allows us to use the cachet associated with our prime contacts around the world to gain unparalleled access to the world’s most affluent clients. Furthermore, it allows us to draw upon the vast resources available across the group, enabling us to tailor the comprehensive range of services we provide.

Anyone choosing PL2L to sell, rent, buy or manage their property will definitely get more than they bargained for….

PL2L specialise in prime residential properties in Central London and with the best negotiators in both Knightsbridge and Mayfair and a dedicated team of staff all around the London area who will endeavours to provide first class customer service to all clients.

What sets pl2l apart from other agents is the wealth of additional services that we can provide, including language interpreters from around the world, interior design services and top to toe property management.

Our marketing and proactive global approach ensures that we are always on hand to ensure both Clients and Buyers alike are provided with the highest possible levels of service.




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