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Well come to readers monthly feedback Area



From: FE  Editor

Dear Readers

Once again thank you all for taking you time out in emailing FE Magazine with your feedback, also to all the people who has not seen their comments in this area could be because your email reached us too late or your comments was not appropriate to be shared on the feedback area.

Please feel free to continue sending us your comments concerning the monthly publication of FE Magazine, I will make sure all your comments are responded to.





Dear FEM

It gets better an better, plus it's still free

Luv, what your doing sharp and precise keep me on you email list for hard copies



To Everyone @ FE Magazine

Wow Wow Wow been all over your mag

Thank you guys very much



Dear Editor

You need more current affairs in your magazine and also look at the individuals and institution that's making making this world a better place, there's lots of them for you to choose from

Good Mag



Hi FE Magazine
Luv the Jokes Section don't lose it



Great article, FM (Bravo)

Thank you, for your time and acumen.



Dear Sir

Great Magazine, nice to know your mag only deals with primary users in the commodity industry some of them i know.

Fresh Air to us all Thanks 


To: FM,

hope everyone at FM is doing well, I did receive your march edition magazine, it just happened now that I was going through my junk emails to delete some of them and I happened to see this June email from you dont know why its in my junk email, I must have done something wrong because i'm always looking forward in reading your monthly.

I will get my tec guys to look into this, I will also sent your associated company first edge a  SPA later on and give you my response, great magazine, don't stop what your doing traders like me appreciate your hard work.




Dear FM Magazine,

Thanks for your email, I have received and seen the feb and March copy of edge magazine
and I must say its a great work, keep it up.

I can help you anytime you need my help here in Ghana especially in vetting gold miners and sellers.
I have not heard about this company called Amalgamated Mineral, but will give you full report
about them on Monday. The offer might look good but the issue of banking instruments is risky.
Let me verify if they are really registered first.

Ghana Official



Hello FEM,
Re: Mr. Visser,
is interested in your Feb. & March issues, please advise.

Thanks you, we are very interested in your information, If you would be so kind to send us your web site, whereas we may look at the July March issues as well, thanks.

Best regards,



Hello editor,

As an African and from West Africa sad Sierra Leone in particular. I can not thank you enough for the great job you magazine is doing to expose these scams. These good-for-nothing scumbags are destroying the image of our beautiful country and chasing away potential investors.

There is one point I'll also like to make, most of these people that are scam are greedy and they also think "Africans" are fools and they do not know the value of their goods. Some don't want to pay taxes. Their intentions is to rub the continent. I have had so-called buyers proposing to me if i can smuggle the diamond for them. My suggestion is you should also inform your readers of such people.That

I want to volunteer my service of verifying the truthfulness of the individuals you have on your list that are from Sierra Leone. The difficult part of doing this is they always use aliases and they change theory phone number at any moment.

Again thank you for your effort and please continue to expose them.

Kind Regards