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Mr David McGhie                                     Managing Director                                          Founder of First Edge Ltd                                Email: dm@first-edge.co.uk

Mr H. Hebroke                                            Company Director                                            Head Trading European & Overseas              Email: hh@first-edge.co.uk

Mrs Anne Huttenga                                                Director of Monetary/AU & Diamonds               Europe & Overseas                                           Email: anne@first-edge.co.uk

Mr Isaac Takawira                                       Director of International Banking                Advisor for African Banking Affairs               Email: isaac@first-edge.co.uk 

                                                   Princess Yaa Adjaye-Kufuor                          Director of Communication                              Email: yk@first-edge.co.uk

Mr Daniel Rice                                              Head of Compliance also Main        Negotiator Support                                      Email: dr@first-edge.co.uk

                                                           Miss Angeline Maynard                                Company Financial Officer                          Email: am@first-edge.co.uk

                                                                      Miss Mia Choo                                                  Officer & Controller of Asia/Pacific Rim    Email: cg@first-edge.co.uk

About  US

First Edge is a privately run independent company, we are always constantly looking to bring high standards in the commodity services, we also pride ourselves in offering a friendly and personal service to all our clients.

Since opening our doors to main customers we have grown into a leading commodity company specialising in most of today's products also focusing on our customers values in providing a professional service in delivering the final results.

The founder of First Edge Ltd is Mr McGhie who has a vast amount of experience in the Industry providing various knowledge in today's fast moving global commodities.

Our team of negotiators and Consultant Attorneys/Lawyers also Partners ensure a smooth and efficient service that effectively  is able to sell and buy, we also manage a huge portfolio of customers around the world.

We always keep to traditional values have the latest computers and technology to keep up with today's ever growing needs in online services, we also publish an online magazine around the world, we advertise all the major products and clients portals.


Contact  US

If you urgently need to contact us you can Phone, Email, Call or Write to our support teams using the links below.

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  General enquiry Questions about First Edge Worldwide Commodities Email: dr@first-edge.co.uk  

  Billing enquiry any question's concerning fees or commission's Email: am@first-edge.co.uk

  Checking the progress or updating an existing deal with First Edge Email: dm@first-edge.co.uk

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  Customers Service & Head office  Enquiries or Complaint's             

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UK Free: 0800 232 1060  Landline: +44 208 769 0070               

Mobile: 07890874467

Oil prices moved slightly higher. October Brent Crude improved to US$78.40/barrel, while US light, sweet crude for October delivery rose to US$73.71/barrel  -  Gold extended gains in overseas trading on Friday to establish a new nominal all-time high at 1282.53, but further gains were thwarted as silver came up against the 21.00 threshold

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