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Embassy First main objective is to make sure our client has a haven of calm and understated privacy


Home Help & Private Schools, Personal Childcare Service's


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Embassy First in association with NAHS has taken an active part in making sure it's client get the best Service available in childcare service from full-time to part-time Nannies or Home Help also random checks for nanny screening.

Embassy 1st can also monitor your nanny's work by installing personal monitors and surveillance equipment in your Home

Embassy First  -  Nannies must have NVQ, NNEB, NORLAND qualifications with a long period in the childcare industry




Embassy First ethos is providing an innovative, dependable and personal service that will always be remained unaltered.   

Our dedicated service will  special purchases from i.e. property’s, yachts, cars and events for clients. ordering items     




 EMAIL:    TEL: -44 (0)208 7690060   FREE: -44 (0) 800 232 106

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