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First edge corporate governance in Traders and Platforms central departments:            

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How to proceed with this checklist Accountability Section

First Edge Principles Traders and Platforms, Liabilities

Supporting Provisions of Agreement First Edge Policy



Our Compliance Officers finds it helpful for any of our current or any New Client to complete this checklist as part of our procedures for assessing their compliance Investigation

The purpose of our Basic Compliance is to give good corporate governance presentation to our Partnering Company or Associated Company, this also builds a record of relayed updates along with a greater engagement with First Edge compliance checks, as well as an enhanced role for any non compliance-executive,

Our Compliance Team principles-base is incorporated with the most current and relevant procedural policies on how they should be implemented under the guide of the SEC Laws, along with other supporting provisions which may covering other several key areas: compliance letter of authority to verify; accountability; the role of board of directors; board composition; board effectiveness; risk management; other arm’s-length associated bodies.

ALL First Edge's departments are required to comply with the firm’s policy set that’s out, and to adhere to the principles and supporting provisions. Recognising that one size never fits all, that’s exceptionally, departments may choose to explain and describe, in their alternative measures has been put in place with similar effect to a principle or supporting provision – the “comply or explain” mechanism.

This focus is always changed and compiled by our compliance department. However, non-compliance departments and arm’s length bodies should adopt and adhere to the extent that it is practical, appropriate and not incompatible with any statutory or other authoritative requirements

Accountability Section


First Edge Principles Traders and Platforms, Liabilities

1.1     The Head of Our Compliance department is responsible and answerable only to the directors of First Edge or any of our partnering institutional associated groups; this position is to exercise the powers of verification to traders and platforms also other known entities who represents a principle administrative representation role, for all the policies, procedures, decisions and actions of their position, including any outside arms -length connected bodies they might be connect to.

1.2     The potential qualified Asset Managers, Traders, Trade Platforms and Regulated Entities (“Confidential Sources”) is personally responsible and accountable to each Private Placement Program or any monetisation from any organisation presented to First Edge, No indebt information of any of our clients or institution will be released until all in-house compliance regulatory checks of the Traders - Platforms has been fully completed and presented to our board or the partners or institution we represent , upon qualification First Edge will start releasing all the required financial and procedural documentation to proceed under the stewardship of First Edge, along with any revised updated documentation than might be required to close each required transaction.

Supporting Provisions of Agreement

1.3     It is required for each Representative of qualified Asset Managers, Traders, Trade Platforms and Regulated Entities (“Confidential Sources”) to define their full standing status of responsibility of any (monetisation and Program) which is delivered to First Edge for reviewing or to engage on, along with a name of he or she has devolved responsibility to proceed under the confirmation of the Trader or Platform.

1.4     Any none first edge supervised staff (known as Intermediaries, Mandated Officers and Brokers), these parties are only answerable to the Asset Managers, Traders, Trade Platforms and Regulated Entities (“Confidential Sources”) Principle Trader or Platform who released the information and not to first Edge.

1.5     All non-supervised staff or representative consultants working under the guideline of First Edge will exercise zero powers of charge under the representation of First Edge the company and will remain unaccountable for any decisions making.

1.6     All internal and external directions that are subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 were an appropriate request is made through the right channels through the FCA (financial Conduct Authority).